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Hawthorne Strip Dancer Schedule

(subject to change)

Monday, 09/16

2PM-8PM: Aurora, Mia, Ruby, Maci

8PM-2AM: Sophie, Ramona, Josie, Tawny, Nico, Mariah, Lola, Eden

Tuesday, 09/17

2PM-8PM: Cherry, Kimber, Ruby, Rachel

8PM-2AM: Aria, Fatima, Luna, Nico, Aries, Mariah, Nike, Louise

Wednesday, 09/18

2PM-8PM: Cherry, Aurora, Primrose, Riley

8PM-2AM: Luna, Nico, Ryder, Aries, Mercedes, Louise, Nike, Mariah

Thursday, 09/19

2PM-8PM: Sprinkles, Cherry, Mia, Riley

8PM-2AM: Ramona, Fatima, Luna, CharlieFoxx, Kimber, Lola, Mercedes, Sophie

Friday, 09/20

2PM-8PM: Ramona, Ivy, Ruby, Maci

8PM-2AM: Poni, Scarlett, Aria, Feather, Fatima, Winter, April, Lola, Nike

Saturday, 09/21

2PM-8PM: Mia, Ruby, Maci, Tawny

8PM-2AM: Poni, Cerise, Scarlett, Domino, Sprinkles, Fatima, Aurora, April, Winter

Sunday, 09/22

2PM-8PM: Maci, Tawny, Eden

8PM-2AM: Aria, Josie, Tawny, Mariah, Lola, Mercedes, Nike, Maci

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